Transfer Into UH 4YR From CC / Transfer Out CC To UH 4YR


Transfer Into UH 4YR From CC / Transfer Out CC To UH 4YR metric highlights the movement and upward mobility of students within the University of Hawaii System. All UH Community colleges are acknowledged for students who transfer to a UH 4-Year campus, indicating they have prepared a student for upper division coursework/bachelor level work. UH 4-Year campus incentive are to enroll UHCC students in hopes to increase the number of Bachelor awards given to students.

How to interpret the data:

  • There are 2,316 undergraduate students transferred into UH 4-Year Campuses either in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 that were registered and home-based at one or more UHCC campus prior to transfer.
  • The 2,316 students, gave a 2,804 headcount to  UHCC’s. Each UHCC campus the student was previous home-based at is given one count.
    • Example A: Student 1 who transferred to UHM in Fall 2016; Home-based at Leeward CC in Spring 2016. Student 1 contributes 1 headcount to the UHCC total and 1 headcount to the 4-Year total.
    • Example B: Student 2 transferred to UH Hilo in Fall 2016;  Previously home-based at Kapiolani CC in Fall 2012 and Hawaii CC in Fall 2015.  Student 2 contributes 2 headcounts to the UHCC total and 1 headcount to the 4-Year total.
  Goal – Fall 2016/Spring 2017 2,498 1,473 353 672 2,976 324 309 923 106 752 293 269
  Baseline – 3-Year Average 2,377 1,402 336 639   2,779 303 288 862 99 702 274 251
  Actual Fall 2016/Spring 2017 2,316 1,297 308 711 2,804 289 301 897 79 698 296 244



Transfer Students are included in the headcounts if they meet the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate
  • Designated as Transfer as their student population (stype)
  • Degree-seeking at the 4-year campus.
  • Must have at least 1 credit registered at CENSUS.  (excludes students who have completely withdrawn before CENSUS)
  • Home-based at Manoa, Hilo, or West Oahu
  • Student’s only program at UHCC’s was NOT Early Admit (major = SPEA or SPEH)
  • For Maui: students who transition from an Associates to a Bachelor degree are counted in the Maui count as transfers to 4-year.



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