Freshmen with a Declared Major by Start of 2nd Year


In line with the Hawaii Graduation Initiative (HGI), declaring a major early in a student’s education indicates is more likely to graduate on-time.  This metric tracks cohorts of students (first time freshman) so it can be tied directly to graduation rates.  Since all students in the cohort are degree-seeking, students who do not meet this criteria of a declared major are students who become Unclassified, General Arts and Sciences, General, or Exploratory Majors.


        • Student is an Undergraduate, First Time Freshman, based on IPEDS graduation and retention rules
        • Student is degree or certificate seeking;  Exploratory majors with tracks are now included as Fall 2018.
        • Student’s major code is not in the following:
          • EX – Exploratory
          • EXAH – Exploratory Arts & Humanities
          • EXB – Exploratory Business
          • EXED – Exploratory Education
          • EXHS – Exploratory Health Sciences
          • EXSS – Exploratory Social Sciences
          • EXST – Exploratory STEM
          • GEAS – General Arts and Sciences
          • GEN – General-Undeclared
          • UNCL – Unclassified