Systemwide Student Definitions

Attendance Status

Full-Time Student An undergraduate student taking 12 or more semester hours. Or, a graduate student taking 8 or more semester […]

Associated Classes

Indicates how a pair or group of classes are associated or connected. One class is designated as the primary class, […]

Average Class Size

Total adjusted registrations (Regs_Adj_Iro) divided by the total number of classes. Registrations in the following courses are excluded from this […]


A section of one or more students formally organized for instruction in a specific course under the supervision of an […]

Classified Student

Classified Undergraduate A student classified as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior and admitted (by campus admissions and in some […]

Concurrent Classes

Concurrent. An association is concurrent if the primary class and the secondary class have the same course alpha, and are […]


A unit of instruction consisting of recitations, lectures, laboratory sessions, etc., in a particular subject field, and identified by a […]

Course Levels

Course Levels Lower Division Courses numbered 001-299. (Courses numbered 001-099 are generally not applicable toward a bachelor’s degree.) Upper Division […]

Credits Earned Ratio

Student registrations, which earned the credits attempted, divided by the total student registrations.

Course Completion Ratio

Student registrations at the end of the semester, excluding those with “W” grades, divided by the total student registrations.

Degrees Earned

The number of degrees received upon completion of the required course of study. Students receiving multiple degrees (even if it […]

Education Level

Undergraduate Student Lower Division Student A degree- or certificate-seeking student classified as a freshman or sophomore. Freshman – A student with […]

Enrollment Count, All Programs

The total enrollment in credit and non-credit programs. This is a duplicated count when summed across the campuses of the […]

Equivalent Semester Hours

Calculated for departments according to the following formula: Fixed semester hours offered in the departments’ classes, plus the following equivalencies […]

International Student

A student who meets the following criteria: Non-US Citizen or US National or CFAS Citizen, where the nation of citizenship […]

Underrepresented Minority

A student who self-reported to be one of the following race/ethnicity: African American or Black (AA) Amer Indian or Alaskan […]

Pell Grant Recipient

A student who was paid a Pell Grant. IRO_BASE SQL Snippet: PELL_IND = ‘Y’ ODS – Financial Aid SQL Snippet: […]

FTE Course Enrollment

The sum of FTE undergraduate course enrollments and FTE graduate course enrollments in all credit courses. Includes course enrollments in […]

Productivity Ratio

The total student semester hours per analytical FTE faculty. Calculated by dividing the total SSH offered by the analytical FTE […]

Registration Status

Student’s status at the time of registration. When a student applies for admission, the student’s registration status during this semester […]

Semester Hour

The credit or semester hour value assigned to the course. The unit by which course work is measured. Credit value […]

Semester Hours Per Faculty

The total semester hours per analytical FTE faculty. Calculated by dividing the total semester hours by the analytical FTE faculty. […]

Student-Faculty Ratio

FTE course enrollment per analytical FTE faculty. Calculated by dividing the FTE course enrollment by the analytical FTE faculty.

Unclassified Student

A student who has not been admitted to a specific degree, certificate or diploma program, but who has been admitted […]


Background STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. UH’s initial STEM list consisted of CIP categories 01, […]

Professional Practice

Formerly Known as: First Professional IPEDS: “A doctor’s degree that is conferred upon completion of a program providing the knowledge […]