Institutional Metrics

Metric Name Description Used in:

Total Degrees and Certificates Awarded
(overall, Native Hawaiian, STEM Majors, PELL Recipient, Health, Education, and Agriculture )
Number of degrees and certificates awarded for various populations.
Graduation and Success rates (include transfer out from the community colleges) Graduation and Success rates, as defined by IPEDS.
Transfer out of UH 2-year institutions into UH 4-year institutions and transfer into UH 4-year institutions from the UH 2-year institutions. The number of students who transfer into a UH 4 year, who were previously home-based at a UH Community College.
Average Credits/Time to Degree Calculating credits earned when degrees are awarded, as well as how long they took to obtain that degree. Campus Scorecards
Number of students completing foundational Math and English in the first year A leading indicator of student success, completion of both foundation/college-level english and math in the first year shows students are more likely to graduate. Campus Scorecards
Freshmen with a Declared Major by Start of 2nd Year Number of students who declare a major by their second year of school. A declared major is any major other than Unclassified
non-degree seeking, Early Admits, General – Undecided, General Arts & Sciences, and all Exploratory majors.
Campus Scorecards
Number of international undergraduate students enrolled in credit courses International Student headcount