Institutional Dashboards

Public Dashboards

Public dashboards are available to everyone and can be accessed from anywhere. Data in these reports do not contain sensitive information and data is suppressed, when applicable, due to FERPA regulations; each report will indicate what the threshold is.

ID Name Description
PS1 Graduation and Retention Rates Graduation, Success, and Retention rates for IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey (GRS). Contains breakouts by Native Hawaiian, URM, Ethnicity, Pell at entry, and College/Major, Residency, STEM, and Entering Time (First Time Freshmen, Transfer)
PS2 Student Enrollment Basic demographic information for student enrollment. Semester,  Age Group, Degree, Gender, Native Hawaiian, Pell Recipient, FT/PT status, Entering type.
PS3 Degrees and Certificates Awarded Degrees and Certificates awarded. Age Group, Gender, Ethnicity, Outcome Type, STEM Majors, Campus,
PS4 STEM dashboard  STEM overview dashboard. Includes enrollment, degrees and certificates awarded, and graduation/success/retention rates for STEM and AS-Natural Science majors. Includes the current STEM definition.
PS4 Opening Enrollment Dashboard Daily enrollment headcounts from the first day of registration until CENSUS. Compares enrollment for the last 5 year adjusted by the number of days until instruction. Includes Major, Ethnicity, Gender, and Tuition Status (Residency).

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Internal Dashboards

Internal dashboards are for UH faculty and staff and require UH logins.

Reports marked with **  are only available while connected to a UH Network. If you need access to these reports from an off-site location, please follow the instructions on the UH VPN Service website to connect to the VPN service.

ID Name Description
IS2 **Institutional Metrics / Performance Funding A collection of metrics used in Performance Funding and the HGI scorecard. This dashboard contains detailed reports for Degrees and Certificates, Enrollment, Graduation Rates, Success Rates, Retention Rates, and Transfer In/Out.  This dashboard also contains links to ad-hoc tools for in-depth analysis.
IS1 **English and Math Completion of Entering Students Evaluating the performance of entering UHCC students based on English/Math placement. Also referred to as the Co-req model.

Naming Convention:
P = Public, I = Internal
S = Student, F = Finance, H = Human Resources