DAPIR – Data Access Portal for Institutional Research

The Data Access Portal for Institutional Research (DAPIR) is the central repository for all student-related reports produced by IRAO.

The DAPIR Features:

  • Daily Opening Enrollment Headcount (Credit and Non-credit) and SSH for Fall, Summer, Spring terms starting from Summer/Fall 2006.
  • Daily Opening Enrollment Headcount by Demographic  (Ethnicity, Major, Hawaiian Legacy, Gender, and Tuition Status) starting from Summer/Fall 2006.
  • CENSUS Enrollment  Official Headcounts for enrollment, by campus , semester, and various characteristics.
  • Applications Processed  The number of admissions applications processed, Admit rates, and yield rates.
  • Degrees and Certificates Awarded  Number of awards given out by the University, by fiscal year.

Location: https://www.hawaii.edu/institutionalresearch

Email: irao-mail@lists.hawaii.edu